Magey info for non-mages

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Magey info for non-mages

Post#1 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:33 pm

Here's some magey info for non-mages (and some atonement for constantly asking Nicca for ports to random places...)

Places (Alliance) mages CAN port:
  • Stormwind
  • Ironforge
  • Darnassus
  • Theramore
  • Exodar
  • Shattrath (Outland)
  • Dalaran (Northrend)
  • Dalaran Crater (tricksy mageses!)
  • Tol Barad
  • Shrine of the Seven Stars
  • Stormshield

Places mages CANNOT port:
  • Your Garrison
  • Their Garrison
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain
  • Florin
  • Guilder (Florin's sworn enemy)
  • The Klaatu Nebula (even with Grabthar's Hammer)
  • Bree
  • Jurassic Park (at any expense)
  • Land of Ooo
  • Coruscant (even though it's a major city)
  • Arrakis
  • Wally World (the moose out front should have told you)
  • Cybertron
  • The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • Gallifrey
  • Castle Grayskull (they don't have the power)
  • Shelbyville
  • Ceti Alpha V (earplugs recommended)
  • Ceti Alpha VI
  • Druidia (unless you know the combination)

The latter list is not comprehensive. Please feel free to add to it as necessary.

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Re: Magey info for non-mages

Post#2 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:13 pm

Hahahaha, THANK YOU. :D

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Re: Magey info for non-mages

Post#3 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:58 am


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Re: Magey info for non-mages

Post#4 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:57 pm

Considering I've run across at least two mages who for some time didn't know they could learn a port to Stormshield, I suppose this might be helpful for mages too! :)

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