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Emerald Nightmare Heroic

Post#1 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:02 pm

Hi all

I have started this thread to keep all of our boss strategies in one spot for Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Please use this thread to post your comments and strategies below. I will update this main post.

The first 2 bosses we will be working on are Nythendra and Dragons of Nightmare.


So we basically know the strat for this boss. we just need to clean it up. Make sure you are depositing rot in the correct places. And make sure you are not getting hit by the rot on the ground and the pulsing bugs in phase 2.

I have also noticed since watching the video that we need to be spread out about 8 yds to avoid the pulsing damage from the rot when you get hit by it. Also in heroic, there is a stacking debuff that accumulates every time you take damage. This debuff is reset after each phase. Also in phase two, the rot deposited on the ground in phase one, moves to the boss. This is why it is important to have a clear area to move to in phase two.

HH has suggested that we tank the boss on a wall. And we can try that on our next attempts.

Here are the Fatboss TV videos. Please watch them as they give great information.


Full Guide

Wowhead strategy guide

Dragons of Nightmare

So we just split into two equal as possible groups. Kill adds before boss. Tanks swap at 5-7 stacks. Don't stand in anything that looks bad, Soak flowers and dispel roots.

There are a lot of little abilities that can be annoying to deal with, so please read thru the guide.

Each dragon has a specific ability while in the air that we have to deal with.

Emeriss gains Corruption of the Dream. Basically a mushroom spawns when an add dies. Move away from the mushroom

Lethon gains Shadow Burst. This will hit 2 players.This is basically a debuff that after 10 seconds shoots shadow bolts to the 3 nearest players. The bolts apply a light dot and slow for 21 seconds. This can stack. It can be dispelled if the healers are not busy dispelling Defiled Vines.

Taerar gains Bellowing Roar. This is a 3 second fear with slow. There is nothing we can really do about it, so just deal with it.

This is in addition to the regular mechanics we have to deal with. So yes, there are a lot of mechanics.

There is way to much to list here. Please read thru the wowhead guide.

FatBoss TV Videos


Full Guide

Wowhead guide

The next boss we will be working on is Elerethe Renferal

Elerethe Renferal

The main things to remember here is to make sure we are dealing with the debuffs right. When we make sure the poison goo and the whirlwinds are put in the correct spot, things go a lot smoother. If you get linked with someone, stay close to them. When feeding time happens, spread out and try to kill the adds as close the poison goo as possible. Also watch out for eggs and dont get to close to them, they spawn adds. Gathering clouds we need to run against and stay as close to the boss as you can.

In phase two, use the web bridges to get to the other side. Tank and Healers are the first to grab Shimmering Feather's. If you get Twisting Shadows, you can "clean up" a badly placed green goo spot. And then drop of Twisting Shadows in the designated area. Tanks have a specific taunt cycle here. Razor wing is a frontal cone attack, so stay behind the boss.

Wowhead strategy guide

Fatboss TV Guides
https://youtu.be/xlm24CZp0aY Full
https://youtu.be/kaJIybGQlUQ Bitesize


Basically we kite the boss slowly around the room. Everyone stays in front of the boss. When you get gaze run to the middle of the room. Soak teams be sure to soak the charge if it is your turn. Watch for the red debuff, this tells you if you can soak or not.

Wowhead strategy guide

Fatboss TV Guides
https://youtu.be/5GcK8lBOLso Full
https://youtu.be/5GcK8lBOLso Bitesize


With this fight they are different adds we are trying to "cleanse" to activate its buff. The Buffs are specific to the add we cleanse, so be aware!!! The other adds that we dont cleanse become targets. I will call out which targets to kill first. HuntingHawk usually calls out which adds we are trying to cleanse by getting a majority of the raid to stand next to it. Clear your stacks of Creeping Nightmares when it hits 20 stacks. When we are on the dragon, move out of the breath. When its the tree we are killing, we stack up on the tree. The Sisters have a kick rotation. Also during this phase is a debuff called Brambles. This debuff targets a random player and moves towards them dropping roots on the ground. Stay out of the roots, and kite the brambles out of the raid.

Phase Two is our burn phase. The Tanks have a certain mitigation cycle they use to keep the whole platform from turning red. When Malfirion gets roots, when to dps them off. Stay out of the red ooze on the ground, and pop cooldowns.

Wowhead Strategy Guide

Fatboss TV
https://youtu.be/syoEX2DE2go Full
https://youtu.be/fDjtpJDLons Bitesize
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