Raiding in Legion

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Raiding in Legion

Post#1 » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:19 pm

Hi all

Just wanted to give a little update on raiding with COE. Official progression raids will be on hold until after the expansion launch which Aug 30. That is not to say we wont be doing some raids on our regular Friday night time, it just wont be progression stuff. I will organize some group functions and post them on the calendar.

Raiding in Legion will be significantly different for COE. We are going to push for a more regular raid schedule with a core group of raiders. We will probably raid 2-3 nights a week for progression. Raids will be more organized and set up in a fashion that will help us with progression.

Official progression raids will begin between 2-4 weeks after the expansion drops.

I will start a new thread in the PVE section of the website that deals specifically with Legion Raids and want we are expecting of raiders.

Stay Tuned!!!

Thanks OJ

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