Warlords of Draenor Lore Summary

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Warlords of Draenor Lore Summary

Post#1 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:28 pm

Okay, I'm not sure how completely accurate this is, but I found this in a thread discussing the lore and thought I'd share.

http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/32 ... d_in_lore/

Text for those who want to read it, but cannot follow the linky:

So this will be really long so bare with me, I wont be talking about the horde bits that much as I have yet to play them. Also bare in mind that this was written from the top of my head so feel free to correct me as I will update the post if necesarry
Post MoP

It starts of when Garrosh escapes from the trial in Pandaria with Karozdormu who helps him get to Alternate universe Draenor. Garrosh proceeds to kill Kairozdormu and travels to Grommash who'm he warns him of the demon blood etc. Garrosh does show him the future with a little help but pulls him out of the vision before he gets to see the good things that happen. So Garrosh now wants them to build a portal between 2 different universes. With the help of a little artifact and ofc Gul'dan Cho'gall and Teron'gor. Gul'dan was in fact captured by Garrosh before the events in the WoD cinematic, Garrosh is seen talking to him in a comic before the events of the cinematic but they still let him offer them the blood so that they can slay Mannoroth. Link to WoD cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v27P92xScac
I should also mention that the reason the Iron horde has the siege engines etc is because Garrosh brought some goblin blueprints with him aswell as a bunch of goblins to help them build this new horde.
Pre WoD event

After the Iron horde constructs the new dark portal and starts sending their troops to Azeroth we the players gets called to aid Archmage Khadgar. We help repell the forces that has set foot in the blasted lands and now wait for the right moment to rush in the portal. There is also a small series of cinematics called lords of war with Maraad lecturing Varian about the warlords: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlvtiuy7AGk
We then storm the dark portal venturing into a "new" land. Cinematic of that happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWDjFKEYxuc
Tanaan jungle

We then fight back the forces of the Iron Horde and proceed to free Gul'dan, Teron'gor and Cho'gall who are trapped and powers the dark portal. We then fight our way to to a massive canon that we use to destroy the Dark portal and stop the invasion. Also worth mentioning that on the way we save a bunch of Draenei and orcs most relevant of them are Drek'thar and Yrel. we then proceed to flee Tanaan ending with this cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hNspnljsD0
We escape by boat, one for the horde and one for the alliance. The alliance end up in Shadowmoon valley and the Horde in frostfire ridge. From this point on I will barely mention horde as I sai earlier I have yet to do their part.
Shadowmoon valley

In Shadowmoon valley we meet up with Prophet Velen and we start working on our garrison, we get a mage to set up a portal to our universe (which is now linked to Alternate universe Draenor) to bring in some reinfocements and we build our own garrison. We now help the Draenei fight back the shadowmoon clan we also help Khadgar who is spying on Gul'dan. Gul'dan tells Cho'gall to travel to Oshu'gun and extract the power from K'ure. He also tells Teron'gor to travel to auchindoun and recover some draenic secrets. Gul'dan notices us and sends Garona after Khadgar, but Khadgar manages to ice-block in the last second. We also help Velen and his people against the shadowmoon clan fighting Ner'zhul ending with an amazing cinematic for the first zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK7gTTOXdH8
We then proceed to chase Ner'zhul to the Shadowmoon burialgrounds where he meets his destiny.

Yrel and Maraad then sends a few troops to Gorgrond to learn mroe about the iron horde, we deal with some problems there and it ends with us taking down the Iron Docks, the main harbor of the Iron horde.

After this we travel to Talador and set up camp there. We are helping the Draenei fight against the Iron horde who now are besieging Shattrath city. We also briefly get to meet Orgrim Doomhammer who sadly is killed by blackhand after regreting his choice of remaining loyal to his clan when they joined the Iron horde. Final cinematic of that zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86kpixfATf8
Spires of Arak

We also get tricked by a Arakkoa (disguised as a Draenei) named Iskar who wants us to help them with a civil war against the uncorrupted arakkoa. So we travel to spires of Arak to clean up some stuff, fight back a bunch of the shattered hand clan orcs aswell as uncovering the lore behind the Arakkoa.

Before we travel to Nagrand we get called in by Khadgar who wants us to travel to skyreach and collect an artifact which happens to be a ring that he will infuse with powerfull magic to aid you.

From Admiral Taylor's Garrison log:

Day 0 Arrived on the coast with most of our gear intact. Finn assures me this is an ideal location. Harris and Claudia constantly bickering since that last arakkoa attack. Ephial is obsessing over "ley lines" (whatever they are.) Can't even agree on the date since we went through the portal - feels like autumn? I'm calling this day 0.

Day 2 About a dozen lumberjacks have disappeared. The one who made it back had a wasp stinger in his gut the length of my arm. Dumberlin and Ephial offered to go out with a war party and clear out the place. I dispatched them with a couple followers. We desperately need the lumber.

Day 4 Visit from Vindicator Maraad. He's pleased with our progress. Suggested that we send laborers to a draenei town called "Elodor" to acquire food. I turned him down - no way I'm sending my best people halfway across the world for some food. I've made other arrangements. That friendly Pandaren, Madam Goya, has offered cartloads of food at reasonable prices. Seems on the up-and-up.

Day 7 Iron Horde attack! Thank the light we've got our walls up. Dumberlin was an absolute beast during the attack. Lots of good men were lost, thought, many with wounds on their backs. Ephial missing for hours after attack, off to bury the dead. Work will resume tomorrow. Barracks nearly complete. Almost have enough resources for an armory.

Day 12 Sir Harris arrived in the town hall today with the Black Prince Wrathion in tow. Hard to tell who was the captive and who was the captor. Wrathion seeks asylum in my garrison, claims he did something to cheese off the ogres. Harris barked that Wrathion is a fugitive from the Alliance. Lady Claudia and her troops fanned out with guns drawn. Tense situation. Told Wrathion he was welcome as our "guest", provided he stayed under house arrest and full-time guard. Messages dispatched to the King. Black Dragon now ensconced in my garrison - what could go wrong?

Day 15 Barracks complete. Armory in progress. Huge shipment of resources arrived this morning - a "gift" from Wrathion to build us an inn. How does he do that? Went to speak with Wrathion and he told me to keep an eye on Ephial. I don't trust either of them.

Day 16 Took some of guards aside and offered them substantial hazard pay to maintain a 24-hour watch on Wrathion. They lowered their eyes and admitted that Wrathion was already paying them to keep an eye on ME. That son of a...

Day 21 Got a letter from Gurgthock inviting us to participate in the Ring of Blood. Potential to really show what the Alliance is capable of. Will shift the prize money to Goya. Set out with Harris and Claudia to "Win one for the Wrynn." Left Dunberlin in charge of security.

Day 25 Victorious! Harris can take a hell of a beating in the arena.

Day 27 Made it back. Chaos at the garrison. Goya's supplies never arrived. Dunberlin thought martial law was a good idea. He's taking orders from Ephial now. Wrathion nowhere to be found. Took some of my best followers with him. Time to roll up our sleeves and fix this.

So in Nagrand we set up our camp and hunt down a bunch Burning blade and Warsong clan orcs. We also help the elements at the throne of elements to find one of their lost elementals called Gordawg who is the reason for the elements going wild and battling eachother. We find Gordawg but he is corrupted so we have to take him out but his spirit returns to the throne of elements which restabilizes the elements. We also find Cho'gall drawing power from K'ure who is the Naaru who helped the Draenei escape Argus. Gul'dan shows up an demand that CHo'gall hands over the power, but he refuses and hits Gul'dan who then flees.

So after these events in Nagran we assault Grommashar where Garrosh resides. So for Garrosh if you have been lurkin as you said, you would know that he died in Mak'gora (duel of honor) vs Thrall at the end of Nagran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1SdVC2mrz8
Garrison campaign and legendary questline

After this we continue our campaign in draenor by spying on the warlords and learning of their plans aswell as fighting back their multiple forces all over Draenor, the Alliance also follows Yrel on her way to become an Exarch of the Draenei, while the Horde follow Drek'thar (I have yet to play the horde campaign so I dont remember exactly) We keep chasing Azuka Bladefury who resurrects a bunch of magnaron and gronn with the power of a titan artifact that they got hold off. We also end up killing Azuka Bladefury the Warlord of the burning blade clan. After that Grommash tells us he will be waiting for our final assault in Tanaan.

At the same time as the events of the garrison campaign takes place Khadgar asks us for help once more and wants us to recover artifacts from the everbloom so we are sent there to assist the Kirin-Tor and recover the core of life, the grimrail depot so we stop that train aswell as recover the core of iron and finally we assault the bloodmaul slagmines to recover the Core of flame. Aswell as collecting 4986 Apexis crystals for him to upgrade your ring. After this Khadgar tells you to travel to Auchindoun and stop Teron'gor and bring Khadgar some of his blood. Teron'gor has also taken controll of that Auchindoun which is worth mentioning. We also dont kill him he kinda flees and we are left with no mention of him.

and part 2 After this we follow Khadgar and Chronormu (better known as Chromie) to uncover how Garrosh arrived at Draenor. we follow the trails of the past and ends up at a point where Garrosh kill Kairozdormu who helped him get to Alternate universe Draenor in the first place. We then proceed to defeat the spirit of Kairozdormu and lay him to rest.

So the assault on Highmaul begins with Khadgar asking us to bring him some artifacts; 125 Abrogator stones, The felbreaker tome from Ko'ragh, and the sigil of the sorcorer king which belongs to the imperator himself, all of whom we slay. Kargath Bladefist Warlord of the shattered hand clan also dies aswell as surprisingly enough Cho'gal who wants Mar'goks powers for himself. I should also mention that the Ogres in highmaul has infact joined the iron horde(Because they had to not because they wanted to).

When we get back to khadgar he tries to find Gul'dan but gets assaulted by Garona Halforcen who was sent by Gul'dan. We then hunt her down and defeat her resulting in her becoming our prisoner. Thankfully Khadgar survived and is being healed. Jaina also shows up and is all pissy because Khadgar is also recruiting heroes from the horde aswell as the alliance to aid him on his quest. After a lot of talk Jaina helps Khadgar upgrade your ring once more. Now its time to take on the Blackrock foundry, home of the blackrock clan and the military might of the iron horde. Here they create their weapons and siegeengines and we go there to take it down.

Khadgar wants you to bring him 3 Elemental tablets but you need 900 elementa lrunes to make them. He also wants you to bring him the Draenic Thaumaturgical Orb, the Heart of fury and finally the Flamebender's tome which he needs to inspect. After these are gathered there is but Blackhand himself left who Khadgar tasks you with slaying and bringing him his severed arm which is infact imbued with elemental powers.

With this new knowledge Khadgar tries to break Gul'dan's hold of Garona while you are sent out to kill some members of the shadow council aswell as collecting the Orb of dominion. When you get back Khadgar uses the orb to finally break the spell that controlls Garona.

With Garona on your side you are tasked with the job to go along with Garona, infiltrate and spy on the Iron horde at Bladefury's Command which is the gate that now separates Tanaan Jungle from Talador. Here we see Gul'dan try to get Grommash to once again drink the demon blood as the Iron horde is falling apart: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FfScVNF0AMs

After this point its just PTR 6.2 stuff so remember that some of these things might change:

Varian Wrynn and Vol'jin now shows up at their respective faction garrison to supervise how the war against the iron horde goes. Before we assault Tanaan we are tasked to go back to the Iron docks and get some plans to build a dockyard aswell as killing the remainign Iron horde scavengers. SOme of the orcs there decide to go mercenary seing as their warchiefs are dead. We collect 5000 Garrison resources and build a dockyard. While the Frostwolves/Draenei assaults the main gate while you sail into the jungle.

I have been playing a pit on the PTR for the alliance side and we follow Yrel who is surprised to see nothing but a few Bleeding hollow clan members. We gather some notes and prepare to go into Tanaan and set up a base camp. After that is done we are tasked with traveling around the zone and explore the different outposts (this might change).

I then got to do a Garrison campaign mission which I dont believe will change so this fact you can take seriously: Yrel wants us to travel back to Auchindoun because there seems to be somethign eating the souls of their Ancestors. When we arrive it is infact Teron'gor who has been feasting on the Draenei souls and not only deformin himself but also gaining huge amounts of power. We defeat him and he leaves to return to Gul'dan. So far that is all we know.

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Re: Warlords of Draenor Lore Summary

Post#2 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:12 pm

Thanks! This is great. Being a new player on WoW as of this expansion, but being familiar with the original Warcrafts, I feel a bit lost on the lore in between. Do you, or anyone, know of a good CliffNotes version of the lore, covering everything from vanilla to Draenor?

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Re: Warlords of Draenor Lore Summary

Post#3 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:58 pm

I've not read all of this since they revamped it. It used to be a little less user friendly when I read it through during Wrath of the Lich King. However, I found these on the WoW forum site.

The Story of Warcraft: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/the-st ... t/chapter1
The Characters of Warcraft: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/lore/characters/
Tales, Comics, Videos: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/lore/

I have the novel "Day of the Dragon" and I thought it was superb read. I also have a compilation that includes "Of Blood and Honor", but it's missing since our move and I never got to finish. It started pretty nicely, though I will admit that some early stuff was "visually" bothersome. It may not bother others -- I'm a little squeamish.

I hope that helps!

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